According to the ABC News website, there has been a 12 per cent increase in the number of international visitors travelling to the Whitsundays in north Queensland.

The International Visitor Survey by Tourism Research Australia shows growth in visitor expenditure has also increased by about 34 per cent.

The survey shows the Whitsundays attracted almost 10,000 more visitors from Europe than the same time last year.

Whitsundays’ Marketing and Development chief executive Danial Rochford says the Chinese market is also predicted to significantly grow.

“Still very low numbers but the percentage growth is massive, we’re nearly getting up to the 100 per cent growth rates out of China,” he said.

“Again, I have to say they are still off a low base but certainly the Chinese market is certainly looking at the Whitsundays.”


Proof that the Whitsunday Island’s are truly one of the world’s most special locations.

The nearby beaches and islands make this area a tropical paradise.

Mandalay House was recently featured on

A $25 million mansion with its own helipad, a four-level beachfront home with a private skateboard park and a hinterland hideaway with an 18-hole golf course in the back yard.

Step inside the multi-million dollar mansions for sale in the Sunshine State where your wildest dreams can all come true – if you’re willing to pay for the privilege.

Forget air-conditioning and built-in wardrobes, these exclusive abodes come stocked with lavish extras like wine cellars, private cinemas and even, in one, a teppanyaki hut.
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The house features a magnificent pool and surrounds.

Heart ReefThe World Heritage Listed Great Barrier Reef is one of the 7 natural wonders of the world. Mandalay House sits on the doorstep of this marine wonderland.

The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park stretches over 3000km (1800 miles) and runs almost parallel to the Queensland coast, from the coastal town of Bundaberg, up past the tip of Cape York. The reef itself is between 15 kilometres and 150 kilometres off shore and around 65 km wide in parts. The brilliant, vivid coral and abundant marine life provides divers with the most spectacular underwater experience imaginable.

Great Barrier ReefA closer encounter with the Great Barrier Reef’s coral gardens will reveal an astounding array of underwater attractions including the world’s largest collection of corals (more than 400 different kinds), coral sponges, molluscs, rays, dolphins, over 1500 species of tropical fish, more than 200 types of birds, around 20 types of reptiles including sea turtles and giant clams over 120 years old.

The Great Barrier Reef is also a breeding area for humpback whales migrating from the Antarctic. It is the habitat of a number of endangered species including the Dugong (Sea Cow) and large Green Sea Turtle. In recognition of its significance, UNESCO listed the Great Barrier Reef as a World Heritage site in 1981.